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American Recycled Tire Products
We Do Not Dispose Of Tires, We Recycle Tires.
We Need People.
Hauling Tires.
We need people to haul tires.
If you have a truck and trailer we pay .50 cents per tire.
Trailer must be at least 16' long with a double axle.
Must have a valid drivers license.

Work From Home Sorting Tires And Making Novelties.
Temporarily Discontinued

We have had to discontinues this recycle program. We took tires to 12 people who were going to sort the tires and make novelties to sell. Out of the 12 people 8 renigged on their commitment and this is after we had already dropped off the tires. We are in the process of going back and picking up those tires. We have already picked up 5 out of the 8. Some were nice and some were not. However this cost me money. I cannot afford to have ONLY 4 people out of 12 who can do the work and be successful. The amount of work the 4 can do still does not compensate the loss.
However, if you would like to make novelties from tires we will bring you the tires you need but You Are Responsible for the tires we bring you. We will not come back and pick them up.
You make the novelties, do your own marketing and sell the products you make keeping ALL the profit.
We will bring you the tires you need for FREE. For us it is a way to recycle tires for a useful purpose and for you to make money from the resource we bring you.
35% of the tires we bring you are good used tires that can be resold. You can sell these tires to tire stores at a wholesale price in bulk or advertise them to individuals for a little more.
We will buy all your good used tires for $3 per tire.
Text me at 423-281-4941

The Work:
We haul used tires away from tires stores.
We will bring you a load of 200 tires per each load at no charge to you. FREE
35% of the tires we bring you are good used tires.
You will sort the good tires from the bad tires.
The good tires are sold wholesale to tire stores for $5 per tire. The bad tires are recycled by making them into products.
You can advertise and sell good used tires for more then $5 to individuals.
We will come pickup the good tires and pay you $3 per tire. Average 150 tires per week.
From the bad tires that are left you will make into products and novelties.
You can sell the novelties and products you make from your own website or marketplace.
What you sell from your own market place you keep 100% of the profit.
We will also give you orders for the novelties that we sell, such as planters, wishing wells and teacups.
We will pay you $3 per tire to paint the tires we use in production of the novelties we sell.
We pay $25 to make and paint one teacup, any size. Sold for $45.
We pay $10 for each planter that is made and painted. Sold for $25.
We provide you with all the paint you will need to complete our special orders.
You are not an employee of American Recycled Tire Products.
You operate and run your own business. We just supply you the tools and resources you need to operate your business.
You must obtain a business license. A business license cost between $15 to $25 depending on where you live.
We will pick up "Junk Tires" that cannot be resold or recycled for ONLY $2 per tire.

Your Space:
You must OWN your home, not renting. Landlords do not like tires.
You must have a space large enough to store 600 tires.
Tires are to be stored in compliance with EPA regulations. Stack, sprayed and covered if stored for longer than a week.
Your space must not be in a residential area. No neighbors. Neighbors do not like tires.
Commercial property or property out side the city limits is best.
A warehouse, garage, barn or shed is preferred.
You are responsible for the tires we bring you to store, sort and sale.
We will bring you 200 tires per load. It takes 45 minutes to sort 200 tires.
The bad tires are to be cut up and made into products.
If you terminate the terms of this agreement you are responsible for the tires you are storing.
We will give anyone the chance to work.
We do not discriminate against race, sex, creed, disability, religion or national origin.
Just Do The Work.

For More Information Call,   423-243-2428

Tire Products And Prices.

Garden Teacups - $65

Garden Clock Planter - $125

Planters - $45

Robots - $95

Snowman - $95

Green Frog - $65

Motorcycle - $95

Chairs - $75

Patio Furniture - $190

Wishing Well - $145

Jungle Gym - $195

Free Delivery.
Some Novelties Are
Assembled On Site.


Places That Recycle
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